What to buy for girl's 7th birthday

I was wracking my brains trying to figure out what to buy for my niece’s birthday. As always, I am nostalgic and I always think back to what I enjoyed when I was young. So, I spent an afternoon this week surfing the net and thinking about what to buy for my niece who turns 8 next month.

I finally I decided on 2 items. The first prezzie I picked was a Little Einstein Classical Music CD. My niece loves to play the violin. I think this will be a great way for her to be introduced to classical music. I bought this same CD for my boys some years back and we have heard it in the car so often Little D can lip synch and say the next line even before they are uttered.

But just 1 CD is not sufficient, and so I continued to browse around the internet to look for another gift. The second gift I picked was this. I remember that when I was very young, my dad went to Russia and bought back this documentary of the Kirov Ballet in VCR format. I was mesmerized by how ballerinas were trained in the best of the best ballet schools in the world. I remember watching the video again and again. I am sure my niece will enjoy this, it’s got classical music, children training to be world class ballerinas, and beautiful ballet costumes, music and of course, a show case of the glory of Russia 50 years ago.

I wonder if my niece will let me watch the documentary once before I give it to her as a birthday gift. But I shouldn’t ask, chances are that after that, I may never want to give it to her anyone.