Daddy’s bedtime stories

T has been telling bedtime stories ever since Big D was a toddler. Although I enjoy reading books to my children, T does not enjoy reading books for them at all; he’d rather come up with his own stories.

T’s story plots are very interesting and educational. He started out years ago with a pigeon as the key character: Richard the Pigeon. Richard the Pigeon would travel to a different country each night. That way, Big D learnt about different countries, and all sorts of general knowledge that T wanted to teach. By the time Little D grew up and was included in this bedtime story ritual, the series had evolved to incorporate Lord of the Rings themes. The now complicated plots include dark towers, ‘naughty’ soldiers and battles. T also weaves themes of integrity, honesty and righteousness etc etc into his stories. And of course, the key focus of T’s stories always go back to the theme of “Loyalty to the White King.”

One day, an old JC classmate directed me to The Kingdom Series written by Chuck Black. There altogether 6 books in this series. She said the series provided hours of listening pleasure to her children in their long car rides during their holiday in New Zealand. I promptly went on line to buy the audio CDs and the story book set.

Verdict? The plot is simple, and can be quite interesting for children. There are many scenes in the books with strong parallels to major stories in the bible (both OT and NT). In addition, I was very surprised to find so many similarities between Chuck Black’s stories and T’s stories (well, if both align their stories to narrations in the bible, I admit it’s not that much of a surprise). To take it one step further, I think that T’s stories are actually better. Perhaps someday, I will write them down and T will be a millionaire when I get them published. Maybe when PSLE is over, I will venture into this!

In the meantime, if you are looking for Audio CDs or story books with strong parallels to the bible for your children, try The Kingdom Series and let me know what you think. These are books are suitable for upper primary kids.