The Dreaded Allergy

Do you notice that there are so many more children with food allergies nowadays than we did when we were children? I don’t recall any of my classmates and friends being allergic to any foods. But today, I know of numerous children with various allergies such as peanut, gluten and seafood allergies.

This week, I met someone who is allergic to meat protein. As it runs in the family, her children have it as well. How bad is it? Well, her 8 year old son went through 3 heart surgeries over 2 months, and it was due to the family trying to introduce animal protein into their diet for the past year.

This lady never knew that she was allergic to animal protein. She suffered a lot of physical ailments most of her adult life and 8 years ago, when she adopted a raw vegan diet, her ailments went away. Today, she and her 3 children are on a raw vegan diet. She observed that her children fell sick whenever they ate some meat. It raised her suspicion that they could be allergic to animal protein.  The correlation between the intake of animal protein and falling sick was too uncanny to ignore.

Last year, this lady went through a life changing event and decided to once and for all deal with the suspicion that it could really all be psychological and that just perhaps she and her kids were not meat protein allergic. So she spent the year trying to introduce meat gradually into their diet. At the end of last year, her oldest son was admitted to the hospital for breathing difficulties. He went through 3 heart surgeries in 2 months. The doctors, after 2 months of tests and observation, could not come up with a diagnosis. They finally conceded that it could be due to animal protein allergy. By then, the kid was so traumatized with the surgeries that the mom refused to let them do further tests to confirm this.

I really admire this lady for her dedication and determination to keep to this raw vegan diet. I was also quite impressed with her her oldest son, who was brought up from birth in a raw vegan diet. Drinking raw carrot juice and eating salads or drinking salads is part of his daily routine and he enjoys it. Well, it’s all he knows.