A story for medical students sitting for their clinical exams this weekend

Back in the heydays of the 1990s, when clinical medical exams were not so well organised as these days, medical students had to go look for their examiners in the hospital wards to take their exams. For this exam, the examiners would take them around to some patients, get the students to examine the patients and then present the case with a concluding diagnosis with possible next steps to confirm the diagnosis as well as recommend treatment options. Not only were exams like these extremely stressful for the students, there was the added complexity of roaming around the wards looking for their examiner.

Every time someone asks T about how stressful those exams were, he would in turn relate this story to them:

On this occasion, there were these two female medical students who were running around the corridors looking for their tester. They were already some minutes behind schedule and so they were frantically dashing around trying to figure out who their examiner was. When they finally spotted someone who looked remotely like a doctor, they ran up to him and in a very loud voice, blurted out, “Excuse me doctor, but are you looking for your two testees?” It was when those words were uttered from the student’s lips that she realised to her horror that the question didn’t sound quite that right. The doctor, in response, calmly put his hand on his inner thigh and declared, “I believe they are right here.” If there were ever a face shade of beetroot, you would have seen it on the pupil’s face.

Dear A, hope this story gave you a light hearted moment in your final stretch of exam prep. You can do it!