Dear Online Retail Website

Dear reader, I have been quite frustrated with this online retail website and decided to send them an email to provide them with some feedback. Here is the email I sent them. I took out all the names of the brands as well as the name of the online retail website. I wonder if you have experienced this as well.


Dear “Online Retail Website”,

As a user of Online Retail Website, I would like to give you some feedback regarding my experiences shopping using your website.

Earlier this year, while comparing prices for a Vitamin C serum, I discovered that even after the discount listed on your website, the product was just a couple of dollars cheaper than the list price at the actual physical stores in Singapore department stores. The slashed price listed in black was not the price listed at the department stores. Recently, I did another check on another facial product, and discovered that this was also the case for the products in this brand as well.

This is not the first time I have noticed this. A couple of years ago, I bought a smart phone from your Online Retail Website. The product was delivered promptly and the product was in good working order. But I soon realised that I had bought the product at a higher retail price than what the authorised store in Singapore as well as the official online shop was selling it for.

Furthermore, I would like to raise another point. I recently bought two branded masks at a very discounted price under the official stores section of your website. Even though this item was at a good price, I discovered, upon receiving the products, that they were sample products. When I purchase products from other websites, it usually states whether I am buying sample or trial products.

Trust is an important element for online trading. It will serve you well to build this with your customers.